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Accurate, reliable, and trusted transcription in English and Spanish

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With my commitment to excellence and attention to detail, every transcript is delivered with the highest standards of accuracy and reliability, assuring an accurate, well-written document to showcase your profession.

I am an expert in transcribing:

  • Academia
  • Corporate: business meetings, conference and earnings calls: I will invite and confirm attendees, arrange audio recordings, transcribe, and even send your meeting’s transcript to your list of recipients.
  • Dictated material: letters, memorandums, reports, summaries, proposals, appraisals, legal pleadings, briefs, etc.
  • Government / Law enforcement
  • Insurance / Investigations
  • Market research / Focus groups / Seminars
  • Media: podcasts, radio, webinars
  • Medicine
  • Sermons
  • Spanish to Spanish: I am fluent in Spanish and can transcribe your Spanish audio at no additional charge.

Choose your style:

Absolute verbatim: all the ums, ahs, uhs, stutters, false starts, etc., are transcribed. Verbatim transcripts are commonly used for insurance, investigative, legal, and law enforcement interviews. 

Modified verbatim: non-verbal expressions, false starts, slang words, and irrelevant comments are cleaned up, yet the content remains intact. Modified verbatim transcripts are commonly used for focus groups, podcasts, interviews, business meetings, conference calls, and certain legal recordings.

Professional: All grammar and sentence structure is polished to provide a fully professional, easy-to-read document.

Your logos, art, or images: I will add them to your transcript at no extra charge.


Transcription rates are priced per audio minute. This means you know exactly how much your project will cost regardless of how long it takes to type. I never charge for changes or revisions. My rates include re-listening to the entire audio and proofreading the transcript to ensure its accuracy and your satisfaction.

  • Per minute of recorded audio: $1.75 (for poor audio quality, more than four speakers, or heavy accents, please contact me for details)

  • Time coding/stamping: Depending on frequency of time codes requested, an additional charge may be applied

  • Transcript proofing/editing: $0.80 - $1.15 per audio minute